Video Spotlight- Five Nights At Freddy's with Markiplier

Have you Heard of Five Nights At Freddy's? This little survival horror games has been making a big name for itself, racking up sales on steam and getting a lot of attention, because it is scary as shit. Really. 
The premise of the game is that you play as a security guard at a kids restaurant filled with animatronic animals who roam the halls at night. You can keep an eye on them via cameras places throughout the space, but you are unable to leave the security booth, and have limited power to use the cameras lights, or shut the automatic doors. And if these furry friends catch you, it's not very fun.
If you aren't into horror games or don't have a way to play this yourself, the next best thing is this amazing video series by Markiplier, who bravely stayed five whole nights at Freddy's and recorded just how scary this game really is.
Warning for cursing and jump scares.


akumaxkami said…
I can't believe he sat himself through the hidden 6th and 7th nights too.

I even got my bro to download the demo of this game and he usually doesn't bother with horror games at all.

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