The Witch and The Demon - Two Dark Styles

When it comes to dark fashion, there are a few common comparisons that come up again and again. Witches and demons are two mythical features that always seem like great inspiration points for the darkly inclined, and what's great is how they are actually so different despite both being very goth/rock/nu goth friendly.
Here is a breakdown of some fo the style points of each look-

The Witchy girl is feminine and soft, but still can be scary. She doesn't shy away from an intense look that has a lot going on. Decorative details like lace and beading shine here, so this look is great for those who like embellishment. This look also lends itself equally well to revealing or more modest looks.

Witch Fashion Points-
Dark prints
Long layers
Loose knits
Relaxed pants

The demon girl look is very flexible. It can super sexy and sultry, or borrow more from the boys with structured menswear pieces and pants. This look is comfortable and a bit more pared down, while style being heavy on the drama thanks to cut and fabric choices taking front and center.

Demon Girl Fashion Points-
Faux Leather
Faux Fur
Leggings/Tight pants
Collared shirts

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Salieria said…
Thanks for this post, I found it quite inspirational :)

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