How I Style- Classic Vans

I just got a pair of classic black slip on Vans the other day, and I may never take them off. Vans hold a special place in my heart along side converse and Doc Martens, because I grew up wearing them. Also, they're amazingly comfortable and surprisingly versatile.

I got a pair of the classic slip ons in all black. I feel like the solid colors are the easiest to dress up or down because they can match with more things and kind of have a nice, minimalist vibe.  Also, I don't wear socks with mine or I wear no show socks. I just can't get into visible socks with these babies.

Inspo Outfits-
HM Fine Knit Sweater
Forever 21 Cropped Leggings
Hot Topic Batman Watch
Garage Faux Leather Backpack
Borrow from the boys: Vans are Unisex shoes, so why not have some fun with a less feminine look. An oversized sweater and cropped leggings can be comfortable for long school days and a cool watch can add interest without being too fussy. Bonus- backpacks are an easy and comfortable way to lug around a laptop and a bunch of book.

Nasty Gal Bustier

Nasty Gal Cuff Clutch

Uniqlo Cropped Jeans

Sorta Sexy: The great thing about sneakers is they make everything a bit more casual. So they're perfect for toning down a super sexy item like a lace bustier top. Cropped jeans have just the right balance of sexy and laid back, and the cuff makes this clutch seem a bit more alluring. 


Oooh, I love that little lacey bustier, too bad I don't have the tummy for it. XP

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