Sunday, August 31, 2014

Video Spotlight- Five Nights At Freddy's with Markiplier

Have you Heard of Five Nights At Freddy's? This little survival horror games has been making a big name for itself, racking up sales on steam and getting a lot of attention, because it is scary as shit. Really. 
The premise of the game is that you play as a security guard at a kids restaurant filled with animatronic animals who roam the halls at night. You can keep an eye on them via cameras places throughout the space, but you are unable to leave the security booth, and have limited power to use the cameras lights, or shut the automatic doors. And if these furry friends catch you, it's not very fun.
If you aren't into horror games or don't have a way to play this yourself, the next best thing is this amazing video series by Markiplier, who bravely stayed five whole nights at Freddy's and recorded just how scary this game really is.
Warning for cursing and jump scares.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On Being Visibly Modified

Today I got my hands tattooed. This was a bit of a milestone for me since all my other tattoos up to this point have been able to be hidden with nothing more than a crew neck shirt with long sleeves and a pair of jeans. Now, that does mean being covered from neck to ankle, but it could still look...normal. And this seems to be a tipping point over that line.
Tattoos and piercings are becoming so common these days, that having a few small, out of the way ones is usually fine with most people. And ankle tattoo or tiny nose stud are all pretty ubiquitous. They are no longer defining traits of the alternative sect, but there does seem to be a limit on how much a person can do and still pass as "normal".
Studies have suggested women are more than twice as likely as men to seek tattoo removal. I cannot help but wonder if there is an element of gender inequality here. Women's bodies are often considered public property. If a women doesn't look traditionally feminine, people feel free to criticize her.
Tattoos in western society gained a lot of hold post WWII when a lot of men in the service got tattoos. When they came back, they flooded the workforce with tattoos, so it became more and more normal for men to have visible ink. The trend continued, and women started to get more and more visible tattoos as well, but still with more criticism than most men faced.

I now have over a dozen tattoos, and over a dozen piercings. I am firmly in the "modified" camp. I cannot pass as unmodified without taking a pair of pliers to my face and covering my body from neck to fingertip to ankle. And I plan on doing more. I know I want a dark mark on my left forearm, and a pile of books and teacups and scrabble pieces on my left leg in honor of my grandma who passed away, and one day I want to finish piercing my ears.
I will never be able to get a standard office job looking the way I do. I know that, I accept that. I also never lan on working in a place like that. Thankfully the arts are more forgiving of things like this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Witch and The Demon - Two Dark Styles

When it comes to dark fashion, there are a few common comparisons that come up again and again. Witches and demons are two mythical features that always seem like great inspiration points for the darkly inclined, and what's great is how they are actually so different despite both being very goth/rock/nu goth friendly.
Here is a breakdown of some fo the style points of each look-

The Witchy girl is feminine and soft, but still can be scary. She doesn't shy away from an intense look that has a lot going on. Decorative details like lace and beading shine here, so this look is great for those who like embellishment. This look also lends itself equally well to revealing or more modest looks.

Witch Fashion Points-
Dark prints
Long layers
Loose knits
Relaxed pants

The demon girl look is very flexible. It can super sexy and sultry, or borrow more from the boys with structured menswear pieces and pants. This look is comfortable and a bit more pared down, while style being heavy on the drama thanks to cut and fabric choices taking front and center.

Demon Girl Fashion Points-
Faux Leather
Faux Fur
Leggings/Tight pants
Collared shirts

Wanna see more inspo? Check out my Pinterest Board My Kind of Goth

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Photo Update! Road Trip!

Me and the boy person had to take a trip to upstate NY this past weekend for his cousin's wedding. We had a lot of fun turning the trip into a fun little road trip. We stopped at New Paltz on the way up, and Woodstock on the way back. 

Haircut! I needed a trim before we went to a cousin's wedding lol.


The bear type person contemplating risotto.

My place card.

Cute piggy at the farm sanctuary!

Vegan Chocolate Shop!!!!

Scolding chickens who don't know how to share snacks

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How I Style- Classic Vans

I just got a pair of classic black slip on Vans the other day, and I may never take them off. Vans hold a special place in my heart along side converse and Doc Martens, because I grew up wearing them. Also, they're amazingly comfortable and surprisingly versatile.

I got a pair of the classic slip ons in all black. I feel like the solid colors are the easiest to dress up or down because they can match with more things and kind of have a nice, minimalist vibe.  Also, I don't wear socks with mine or I wear no show socks. I just can't get into visible socks with these babies.

Inspo Outfits-
HM Fine Knit Sweater
Forever 21 Cropped Leggings
Hot Topic Batman Watch
Garage Faux Leather Backpack
Borrow from the boys: Vans are Unisex shoes, so why not have some fun with a less feminine look. An oversized sweater and cropped leggings can be comfortable for long school days and a cool watch can add interest without being too fussy. Bonus- backpacks are an easy and comfortable way to lug around a laptop and a bunch of book.

Nasty Gal Bustier

Nasty Gal Cuff Clutch

Uniqlo Cropped Jeans

Sorta Sexy: The great thing about sneakers is they make everything a bit more casual. So they're perfect for toning down a super sexy item like a lace bustier top. Cropped jeans have just the right balance of sexy and laid back, and the cuff makes this clutch seem a bit more alluring. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game Review- Skyrim

I am so late to the game with this it's not even funny. Skyrim is not a new game. It is not even really new-ish. It's not really an old game though, and that's the best I can say for my timing.

My partner picked up the Playstation Greatest hits version of the game a few months back and then never really touched it again. He had seen his brother playing it and heard some good things about it and the Greatest Hits version is only around $30. So he picked it up and it sat on a shelf until he started playing last week.

I honestly wasn't that interested at first. The game looked a little dated, and the story (at first) seemed kind of straightforward and dull. I was so wrong. The game is huge, mind bendingly huge. And the story is not straightforward, it's like the roots of a tree, twisting around and branching and interconnecting in shocking places. Everything about the game encourages you to fully immerse yourself, form the varied game play styles to the super detailed character creation.

I chose to play the game the game as a lady Orc I named Kaja. She favors heavy armor and giant axes and hammers that require two hands to swing. I don't use magic, I don't use a shield, i don't use a bow and arrow. Instead, I bludgeon through the game like I feel a true orc would, with nothing but raw power and some plate armor. It's a satisfying way to go. I kill my enemies up close and personal, hacking away and occasionally beheading them. Everything from human bandits to huge dragons falls before the swing of my axe, and the stronger I get, the more of a powerhouse I become.

This is not the only way to play Skyrim. You can be a theif or a mage or anything you want. You can sneak around and knife people form the shadows or hunt things down with a bow. That's the joy of Skyrim, playing how you like.

If you have time to spend really throwing yourself into a game, go out and pick this up, you won't regret it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Photo Update- NYC Weekend

Avengers Assemble! My friends decided we should check out the Agents of SHIELD, STATION exhibit in Times Square. It was a lot of fun to be immersed in the Marvel universe like that.

My friend and I being cute on a really hot subway car despite the crazy gross heat.

Bubble tea from ViVi!

We found a photobooth! It was a lot of fun taking these pics.

Walking around China Town and sipping my super tasty peach bubble tea. 

The Bear and I like to show our affection by being idiots.

I also got some new books at The Strand which was neat. Both amazing anthologies