Activate Apparel- What I Wanna Sweat In

I love the gym. I really do. Weightlifting is something I really enjoy doing, it makes me feel good and it keeps me healthy which is awesome. However, alt apparel doesn't usually lend itself to work out wear.
My normal gear is just a tank top or ratty t-shirt and either soffee shorts or sweat pants of some kind. Not super cute. But I have found a place that has some great stuff.
Activate Apparel makes fun shirts and tank tps for men and women to work out in. These are on my wishlist-
I love anything to do with comics, bats and the bat family! So this tank would be perfect. Also, it would match my batman leg tattoos!

This is just perfect. it's black, it has a pentagram, it's everything I want to lift in!

It's Batman themed and also super accurate to my life. 

Fact- I am a dirty stereotype when it comes to satanic or demonic references in my fashion. 

What does everyone else wear to the gym?


Dawn Heart said…
These are SO awesome! Love them!

x Dawn
Margaret said…
These are so cool! I'm still thinking about getting a gym membership and currently don't really own anything suitable for working out xD

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