Swwet To Lick!

This is me eating a mother fucking batarang cookie. A delicious bat themed treat.

This week I got to do a lot of fun stuff! One of which was going to meet the baker for my wedding. Sweet To Lick bakery is is Nassau County on Western Long Island, and it's AMAZING. They do cake, cookies, cupcakes, pies, specialty iced teas, everything a vegan with a sweet tooth could want. So I placed an order for a fantastic array of cookies and brownies and other treats for my big day (not a cake person), and picked up a few snacks to sample. 

We got a whole bag of desserts and ended up eating them ll on the ride home and feeling a bit sick but it was so worth it. Everything was really tasty and pretty cute as well. I am a sucker for food that looks as good as it tastes. 

Sweet to Lick has a website HERE as well as an instagram feed with a ton of pictures of cute desserts that will make you drool.


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