Wedding shower!

Mike got to wear the bow hat!!

Mike and I just had our wedding shower! It was a lot of fun. The whole event was at my Aunt's house, because she has an amazing backyard and is great at throwing parties.

It was great weather and a ton of friends and family came out to see us and bring us awesome gifts. I had fun at my engagement party but honestly this was even better because I was able to have friends come, not just family.

The whole event was pretty casual. We got sandwiches and salads and chips and home made dips, and my aunt put out jars of candy for guests to make goody bags. We didn't play any wedding shower games because I'm not a fan of those things, but just drinking and talking with guests was a lot of fun.

I might do a post on the gifts next time, since I got some super fun stuff!


Margaret said…
Wow, congratulations! :3

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