Comic Review- Hawkeye by Mat Fraction and David Aja

I am a nerd. A geek. It is no big secret that I love videogames and manga and webcomics. But I also really like regular western comics. Right now the new Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja. It's a part of the Marvel now line up, and has amazing art and great writing.
I really do love Hawkeye

The premise is Hawkeye when he's not an Avenger. We know, a lot of people know Hawkeye mainly from his role as an Avenger, but he really shines as a solo artist in these books. The Clint Barton in these issues is darkly fun and a bit hapless at moments. His life is in a constant state of chaos. Balancing all that is Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye, a pretty young woman who has fighting skills to rival Clint's and seems to have her life a bit more together.
What really drew me in to the books was the art. It is a bit minimalist and has an economical use of color, with the same shades being recycled and remixed in a way that really spoke to me as an art student. This series should be a part of any color theory class.
this color map makes me drool

Everything in these books seems planned down to the last detail, and it all just sort of sings. If you have a chance pick up the trades, they contain extra art and previews in the bakc that really make them worth the little bit of extra money.
Are any of you a fan of good ol fashioned capes comics?


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