Looking Shifty- Rocking Simple Looks for Summer

It is getting hot! And humid! At least where I live. Summer is really getting going and already the weather is getting a bit nasty.
Most of the time when the weather is bad all i want is to just throw on a big easy tank or tee and maaaybe legging, if it's not too hot.
So I went ahead and hunted down some great easy dresses that can be tosses on in the hottest heat. Rebels Market had a nice selection of alt friendly styles that look perfect for the gross weather ahead. You can click the images to go right to the site to look at them.

Cats! What kind of person doesn't like cats??

Nirvana merch is always good and bonus- the white color will make this extra nice in the sun

I would pair this with peep toe black booties and a floppy black hat

This seems perfect for going to your local alt bar on a warm Summer evening 

The skull keeps this maxi form looking too plain

What do all of you wear when the weather kicks into high gear?


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