February Wish List

I have so many things I want right now, but the little money I have set aside is all going towards a new phone. Hopefully I get some cash soon and can buy some of these lovelys. 

These leggings are perfect and would go with just about everything already in my wardrobe.

My wardrobe is kind of lacking in cute, sweet items, so a top like this would be nice, and add a delicate touch without being colorful.

I don't have a lot of cute socks, and these are just perfect. I want to wear them with a cute pair of heels!

I am a sucker for black tank tops and cool, over the top goth prints. This shirt is perfect.

Everyone needs sunglasses, and I don't have a single decent pair right now. I tend to mangle metal frames, and the cool gradient on these makes the plastic more appealing anyways.

This bag is perfect. Girly and fun, but also edgy because of the color. I also love all the buckles and pouches on the front.


Bazinga said…
I absolutely love that backpack! It's gorgeous :3

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