J fashion Inspo

Lately I find myself more and more inspired to try and push my fashion and style forward. One thing that has been helping me with these sartorial ideas is Japanese street fashion. J-goth is worlds away from western goth, free of most of the over done victorian references and mall goth cliches  Instead layering, interesting proportions and unique looks carry the day. People seem to compete for the title of most original outfit, and the results are to die for. What do you think? Is J-fashion for you?


akumaxkami said…
The first guy is donning the latest Shibuya trend called Mode - it's minimalist black and very elegant, I think.

I think J-Goth styles are free of many of our inspirations because "Goth" was never the inspiration for their looks at all - rather it was the proliferation of crazy costumed glam rock bands in the 80's (X Japan, anyone?) and the influx of the rave scene in the 90's.

But so say there's no Victorian influences would be silly, since that's where Gothic Lolita, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, and pretty much anything Mana would wear has come from. Though it's true they don't have the typical "mall goth" that we know of in the US, they do have their own equivalents to what would be considered Hot Topic and in some circles it's equally frowned upon.

Sorry for my long conjecture there, but fashion and trends in Japan is something I follow pretty avidly. ^_^
Bazinga said…
It's definitely different from most of what I see around here, in terms of alternative clothing and style. I like it!

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