House Rabbits

So I recently posted a picture of my rabbit outside. But that isn't his normal home at all. I actually keep my rabbit inside. He is a house rabbit!
I feel really strongly that rabbits are better as indoor pets, and not kept outside in a tiny hutch. outside, rabbits can easily become sick from changing weather and damp. Pet rabbits are not exactly the same as their wild cousins, they are not as able to handle the elements. Also, wild rabbits build warrens and keep themselves warm in natural ways that a rabbit can't when they are in an enclosure. 
Mochi's house. Made out of storage cubes and zip ties

There is also the matter of other animals when outside. Rabbits spook easily, and can actually have heart attacks form fright. So whenever a raccoon or neighborhood cat or stray dog comes up to the enclosure and tries to get in, the rabbit risks death even if the animal never reaches them.
Affectionate indoor bun
Rabbits also benefit form normal socialization, same as any cat or dog. Rabbits can actually be very affectionate and smart. They may play with toys and will come and sit on the laps of their owners to beg for treats and pets. A rabbit that isn't kept inside may be skittish and even try to bite someone who may try to pick them up. 
If you are thinking of getting a rabbit or already own one, please keep it inside. It is fairly easy to build homes for them indoors, and they can even be litter trained to reduce the mess they cause.
If you have your bun indoors remember to bunnyproof a bit so that there aren't loose wires or other things for them to chew on. Getting them toys to chew on will help with this. 
For more information, here are some links-
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