Goth Challenge My 5 Keywords

5 keywords that describe my personal Goth style
- Layered, I wear all the layers all the time. I almost always have a tank top on under my other clothes.
- Monochromatic. I am not a goth who wears color.
- Nu. I consider myself more nu goth than anything else. I tend towards the hipster end of the spectrum but in all black.
- Trendy. I like adding regular mainstream fashion trend into my outfits, but in black.
- Flattering? I know a lot of alt style purposely add lots of odd layers that don’t show off the body much, but I like belts and jackets that cinch me in in certain places.


1666 X 30 said…
yeah i'm not into the color thing either. Like Haute Macabre said, "Colors require thought and planning. There are far too many of them, and most of them look horrible next to each other."

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