Happy Valentines Day! I celebrated yesterday since my boyfriend is working. He got me a ton of chocolate form a local store (dark choc bark with nuts, yum!!), this bunny and a Bosun's whistle. The whistle is a part of a joke where I am insisting my proper title is The Admiral. So he got me the whistle so I could use it in proper naval fashion. The cat is a Mutie, a weird animal from Homestuck. My friend made it for me in exchange for making her a graphic for her shop. Isn't it cute? he's got four eyes! The drink is a green tea frappe that a friend got me just because she's a lovely person. I LOVE green tea frappes. She had them write empress on it because she say's she is my loyal subject/minion. 
Bosun's whistle, Mutie cat and bunny plsuh


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