Me and Tea!

I love tea. I really, really love tea. I am also a big fan of visiting tea shops. They smell lovely and it's always kind of calm and neat inside. There is a store not too far from me, You, Me and Tea, that offers a lot of nice loose tea blends. All of my loose tea right now is from there. I tried Teavana and didn't like it. It was crowded and the staff were a bit pushy. They also over sweetened the samples and didn't have samples set aside to smell. This bothered me a lot, so I decided to just buy from the local shop instead. Plus, supporting small business is cool. 

Honey from California (my bf's Aunt and Uncle have bees!)

My box teas were all gifts
The English Breakfast Tea is really nice

Loose blends form a local shop

Lavender anything is always good

My collection!


Bazinga said…
Oh wow, that's so cool ^^ I don't drink a lot of tea, but I can definitely appreciate a good tea every now and then. I bought a 'chakra stimulating' tea a while back. I really should start drinking it more often :3

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