TV Review - Battlestar Galactica (remake)

This is my favorite science fiction show. Really. It is that good. I didn't watch this show when it was airing in real time but it is on Netflix instant streaming. I powered through four seasons of 42min episodes and two miniseries/movies in a matter of weeks. It was an intense ride. 
This show is very heavy on drama. There are a lot of sad, intense, painful moments, and yet I couldn't stop watching. The show builds momentum pretty quickly and never really slows down.
The series is about the survival of the human races, who's planets have been destroyed by a robotic race they had created long ago and actually thought dead until they suddenly attacked. The last humans are forced to flee into space with only one military vessel, a 50 year old ship with a small crew and only limited resources. As they fight for survival, the enemy is never far behind, and there is danger everywhere. 

The big draw of BSG are the sudden twists and big reveals. Who is secretly an enemy? Who will die next? Will the human race survive? Also, Edward James Olmos is a bad-ass in this show.


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