Goth Topic 6 Why I wear Goth fashion?

I dress the way I do because it makes me happy. I like black, and spikes and spookiness in general. Goth is just what I feel drawn to and feel comfortable in. For me, it isn’t much of a matter of planning to wear certain things or look a certain way, but the things I like and buy happen to fall pretty neatly into that”goth” spectrum without much fuss. I also have to admit i like looking like a badass. I’m small and pretty femme but wearing all black and studs and leather and having a face full of metal makes me feel kind of untouchably cool and strong. I also enjoy the space goth gives me. People will leave me more room on crowded transit if I look odd and strangers don’t bother me with flyers on the street, all of which I appreciate. My clothes are as awkward as I am lol.

On an unrelated not, had awesome gluten free, vegan, spinach and "cheese" pizza from AMy's. Soo good. 


SaryWalrus said…
Oh man, that's my favourite pizza. Now I'm having ALL of the cravings!

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