Inadvertently ask Cody Darkstalker! - 1/23/13 Donnie Darko Lolita

I like to check my stats form time to time and see how all my lovely readers are finding my site. I especially like to read the Google search results that lead people to this blog. This time when I checked, I noticed something. I get a lot of odd search key words that lead to my blog. A lot of the time these aren't things I even post about, so I figured it would be fun to pot them once in a while. 
This time the magic search was "Donnie Darko Lolita". I love Donnie Darko, and I like Lolita, so I figured it was my duty to fulfill this person's dream. Here is the result.

D Darko

D Darko by codydarkstalker featuring studded shoes
The set isn't straight forward Lolita, but Donnie Darko isn't a straight forward movie. So I took a bit of the best of both. The skeleton hoodie was inspired by Donnie's Halloween costume which he wears at the end of the film. The rabbit necklace is an homage to Frank, the 6ft tall bunny rabbit who prophesies doom and gloom. I added in some bloomers, ankle socks and wrist cuffs to add some cute frill. What do you think? 


akumaxkami said…
I'd say this ended up being a more causal/punk kodona look but still totally cute!
I agree, it's more like kodona but I love it too!

I just checked my stats when I saw this, some of them made no sense but someone had searched 'dream about dark cemetery', I think someone searched for the meaning of their nightmare and found me! That amuses me a lot!
CatacombxKitten said…
Oooh, I love this! Great idea!

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