Goth Topic 3 - What my own Goth lifestyle is like

My own lifestyle is not super duper goth. I dress goth, I watch horror movies from time to time and I read a lot (but not much Gothic fiction) but that's it. I’m an Art and English student but my work isn't very “goth” at all. My “goth cred” comes from a lot of things that I honestly never did in any attempt to be goth. I have a lot of piercings, but I have loved body mods for years. they’re a part of who I am and a fun thing for me. I love the feeling of getting pierced and tattooed, but the enjoyment of that pain isn’t something I think of as being “goth”. I’m also pretty active in the BDSM and fetish community, but again, not very goth.


Anonymous said…
I feel you on this topic.

A lot of my lifestyle was my lifestyle before I found a word to define it - the unnatural hair colors, the penchant for temporary and eventually permanent tattoos, multiple piercings, a slightly darker outlook on life - the goth title fits me more than I fit it! xD
Ray X said…
Hi there! I've listed you for an award on my blog =D

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