Goth Topic 5 - What's In My Make-up Bag

This week's challenge is about make up! I kinda feel lame though because I don't buy cool brand name make up or use any really special products.

This make up bag was something my Grandma got me for Christmas. I love the skull and cross bones on top of the floral print. I didn't have a make up bag for a few years and it was nice to have my make up not just rolling about in the bottom of my purse.

Here is some of my every day make up. Ulta liquid liner in black, Covergirl clean powder and liquid foundation, Hard Candy blotting papers (the little green rectangle), Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes mascara in black, Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment (I love DCT! It does a great job of keeping my lips nice), MAC lipgloss in "Beaute" and MAC lipstick in "Dare You". I have a lot of random make up not pictured. I might have to do another post about it in the future, since I only carry a little stuff with me. Also, in the back you can see my Tattoo Goo, good stuff to keep all my ink pretty!


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