Lot of Links! 1/21/13

drawing by me
So some awesome blogs have been doing my goth challenge, giving me awards and adding me to awesome link lists, so here is one back!

Graveyard Picnic
She is doing my blogging challenge and it is awesome, go check it out!
Cemetery Dreams
Another lovely darling who is ding my challenge! Go ogle her!
The Walrus Room
Sary is doing my challenge and also has a ton of other awesome posts (check out the one on skinhead fashion, it is enlightening!)
Clockwork Mice
OMG more people doing my blog challenge and being cute! I cannot contain my joy right now
I had never heard of this site before, but I was recently posted as in round up post of goth blogs. I was really excited to see myself posted alongside some awesome bloggers, so here is a link to the roundup
Breakfast on Mars
I got tagged in her "Your Blog Inspires me" award! I was super excited to see this. The award comes with some rules, tag some other awesome blogs (I'm giving you this list instead) and list five odd habits I have.
1. I sing nonsense and talk in odd voices a LOT. I am like a cartoon character, I just make weird noises and nub around a lot.
2. I have a partially nonsense vocabulary. Nubby, nubbly, sneepy, these are all words I use a lot.
3. I ALWAYS need to pee. Really. It is insane. Sorry if this is a bit TMI, but it's odd and true.
4. I really like to doodle. I type all my notes in class because otherwise I just sit there and draw.
5. I always have to put ice in my tea, I hate super hot drinks, they burn my tongue.


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