Goth In Color - How to Add Color to a Goth Wardrobe

Lately it has pointed out to me that, even for a goth kid, I don't have a lot of color in my wardrobe. I favor black (obviously), grey and small touches of white. Of course, many goths wear color and a most goths seem to wear more than I do. So I figured I would pick a color I actually like and show how I might work it into a modern/nu-goth/fashion goth/grown up goth wardrobe!
Gothic Spiced Wine

Stefanel v neck cardigan, $135 / Givenchy oversized t shirt / Bardot tall pants, $52 / Leather boots / Friis & Company metallic handbag, $65 / Antik Batik black bangle bracelet, $83 / Miss Selfridge rose gold drop earrings / Rick Owens

I love this set because it really seems like something I would want to wear. Comfy and edgey and kind of casual with a pop of wine red in a great cardigan. Cardis and scarves are two major staples in my own wardrobe and I like the layering of a black acessory over a colored item with a black base outfit underneath.
Gothic Lolita Wine

This outfit is a lot of fun because it reminds me of my old love of lolita fashion. True, by the books lolita style wasn't for me, but I still find the odd item here and there that I really love. The combo of a high end, fancy brand skirt and c slouchy, grungey pullover really appeals to me. Dressing lolita down can look really fun and fresh and is a good way to get extra use out of those pricey skirts and dresses.


Gold Hawk spaghetti strap dress, $230 / Madison Harding wedge sandals / Mink Pink fringe handbag, $94 / Vernissage bracelets jewelry / Natalia Brilli / Miss Selfridge black belt, $11 / Retro sunglasses / Eyeshadow
this outfit just seems slinky and sexy but with a distinct hippy dippy vibe to it that I love. The wine colored shawl just seems fun and interesting compared to a standard layering piece and really matches the vintage vibe of the glasses.
So what do you think? Is wine one of your favorite colors to mix into your own edgey wardrobes?


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