Store Profiles for Successful Shopping

Limited access is a big concern in the alt fashion community. There aren't many alt brands and there aren't many brick and mortar stores that sell alternative fashion. The ones that do are often expensive and only found in metropolitan areas. Another concern for baby bats is being allowed to shop in certain stores, some people have to get their clothes where the rest of the family does, whether its a big box store or a mall. 
However, it is possible to put together an alt look from popular stores.
HT 1

Store- Hot Topic
What I buy there- Band shirts, accessories  hair dye and sale items.
Secret for success- "Hot Cash" and sales racks.

F21 1

Store- Forever 21
What I buy there- Shirts, accessories  sweaters
Secret for success- Trying on EVERYTHING, the fit here can be a bit odd, and the materials can be thin, also, check often since the stock changes a lot

CR 1

Store- Charlotte Russe
What I buy there- Shoes, skirts, belts
Secret for success- Look for sales and online flash deals, they have the best shoe sales


Store- Target
What I buy there- Undershirts, socks, tights, make up
Secret for success- Shop the clearance racks and stock up on cheap basics


Wet Seal / Wet Seal faux leather bomber jacket / Wet Seal skinny jeans / Wet Seal / Wet Seal studded handbag / Wet Seal / Wet Seal / Wet Seal beret hat

Store- Wet Seal
What I buy there- Sweaters, accessories,camisoles, skirts
Secret for success- Look all the time, the stock changes a lot


Store- H&M
What I buy there- Sweaters, dresses, acessories
Secret for success- Shopping the "deal" racks  


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