Goth Topic 2- 5 movies for Goths

- Repo! The Genetic Opera
This is a fantastic goth friendly movie. It has excellent music, over the top, darkly inclined costuming, and a fun if somewhat gory premise. Organ repossession might not sound like a typical topic for an opera, but this movie makes it works. The story is beautiful and tragic and very, very dark. There are buckets of blood, but the singing is what really steals the show here.

- Donnie Darko
This is one of my favorite movies ever. It combines a troubled, angsty teen, science fiction, time travel, and giant rabbits. Yeah. This movie is an odd one. It requires a few watches before you really start to understand everything that's going on. The movie is kind of intense.

- Pan's Labyrinth
Guillermo del Toro is amazing. Really amazing. The mix of Spanish history and creepy fairy tale is perfect. The whole movie is like a real fairy tale, dark and not always happy. But the monsters are amazing and the whole movie draws you in, subtitles or no.

- The Crow
This is a classic of course. Halloween, ghosts, violence, crows, a rain covered city. The make up has spawned a kind of in crowd joke among goth kids, and is one of the most over done Halloween costumes. Also, Brandon Lee tragically died during the making of the movie, adding a real life scary story to the film.

- House of a Thousand Corpses
I love Rob Zombie. I love his music and his movies (not mentioning that one sequel that everyone hated...) and this movie is one of his best. The movie is over the top and vaguely cheesy, but the over all experience is a bit disturbing. This movie is great, and will have you rooting for the demented killers instead of the victims. Gory, wierd and very fun!


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