My Life In Instagram 1/6/13

So the new year is under way and the holidays are behind us! I got some awesome stuff over the holidays but kinda failed to take all the gets posts I should have. but I did take a few instagram pics on my phone which I can share with you. 

myspace style selfie

Picked thes eup at Kohls on clearance
I picked up these heels super cheap at Kohls. They're form the Rock and Republic Line, which I normally find way too expensive, but on clearance with a coupon they were actually reallly cheap (about $15) and they have a fairly low heel which is something I have been looking for.

My grandma bought me moonboots for X-mas! I love love love them! They are very warm, very comfortable and easy to slide on with leggings or tights which is what I wear most of the time anyways. I, of course, got them in black, but they offer huge rainbow of choices online.
My new tops from Actual Pain
I also made an order form a webshop I stumbled across. Actual Pain is a great webstore. Great selection of shirts and even some leggings. I love my items, even if they were a bit pricey for me, and plan to do a full review sometime soon. The shirts are a unisex/mens size L which means they fit like a loose tunic/dress, but I have been finding plenty of ways to wear them.

Laid out a coord


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