Movie Time- Django Unchained

My boyfriend was the one who suggested we go see this movie. I wasn't too familiar with the movie but I like Quentin Tarantino as well so I figured it would be a fun enough way to kill part of an afternoon.
I was surprised by how much I liked this movie. It's very Tarantino, heavy on violence and melodrama. But the story is interesting if a bit predictable at moments, and the characters are really fun. Also, the leading men are kinda hot in a kind of unconventional way.
My boyfriend basically summed up this film as being Tarantimo's desire to punish bad people in different historic periods, in this case a former slave gets to kill slave owners.
The soundtrack to this movie is pretty intense. There's everything form country to rap music, and it's all blended together so that each scene has a perfect soundtrack.

If you like Tarantino and don't mind a decent amount of violence, go see this!


Bazinga said…
I've been meaning to see this film for a while now. I'm hoping to see it this weekend, with some friends of mine ^^

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