Manga Review- Pure Trance

Pure Trance is a beautiful Manga by Mizuno Junko. It's a trippy dystopian story set in a bleak future where humanity is now living underground. Food shortages lead to the creation a food pill called Pure Trance. People become addicted to the food pills and a special over eating center is created to treat people. The story focuses on the nurses inside, most of whom are completely insane and often violent. The story is kind of meandering affair with strange plot turns, but when reading it isn't too hard to follow and the psychedelic art only seems to make the strange story more fitting. 
It's a great read and a great introduction the the artistic work of Junko Mizuno, who is now a well known name, and has done various works and collaborations (including a Spider Man short for Strange Tales)


Bazinga said…
That sounds really interesting, I'll check it out some time ^^

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